We're the creators of Margin Social, and we are excited, humbled, and grateful you are taking a look under the hood of our clothing company! Margin Social emerged from a desire to share our passion for minimalism and great style with the world. We believe closets comprised of blank space (margin) and outfits that make us feel like the best versions of ourselves make for happier lives. It's our steady conviction that less stuff equals more freedom. We hope you will open your closet, throw out the stuff that's just okay, and intentionally re-build with staples. Staples can be worn in-season and out-of-season, layered or left alone, and are easily shared with friends when they swing by your city for a coffee. We have also curated a collection of statement pieces for the days that end with confetti and champagne. Now that you know a little bit about us, we challenge you to fill your closet with air + the things that make you feel like the best you. 

Making room for the things that matter,

Nate + Kelsey